Panel Head

  • Li Ka Ling

School’s Major Concern:

  1. Strengthen Self-regulated Learning, Develop Effective Teaching Practice
  2. Enhance Assessment Literacy of Teachers, Use statistical analysis to elevate learning and teaching
  3. Promote Aesthetic development in students, Implement students development plan


Subject Concern:

  1. Optimize curriculum, pedagogies and assessment to cater for student diversity
  2. Cultivate students’ interest in Biology through various activities, in order to establish their awareness of respecting the organisms and the environment; enhance the career planning to foster students’ sense of future
  1. To strength the analytical skills of students for better preparation and performance in the public examination.
  2. To provide intensive classes for higher-ability students during public holidays.
  1. To provide different kind of activities in order to increase the learning motivation of students.
  2. To provide the supplementary classes for the less able students.

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