Health Management and Social Care

Panel Head

  • Lee Ping Kwan

The course is designed to enable students to:

  • Understand and analyse different stages of life development and personal living in current social situations and to investigate health and social care issues socially, psychologically, ecologically and culturally and act accordingly.
  • Enhance and strengthen the ability to learn.
  • Understand the creation and sustainment of healthy communities in different ways, and appreciate the value of sustainable development of healthy communities.
  • Provide basic skills training for research, analysis, evaluation of health, social and community care issues.
  • Understand the health and social care issues at different levels and from different perspectives and suggest possible solutions.
  • Understand their social role in families, communities, workplaces and as individual citizens, employees and professionals in the future.
  • Master the knowledge and generic skills for promoting community health, and understand that these developments play an important role in economic competitiveness.
  • Enhancing teaching effectiveness and optimising classroom teaching.
  • Strengthening students’ learning ability and environment.
  • Emphasising the four key items.
  • Improving students’ generic skills.
  • Helping students adapt to the requirements of the public examinations.

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Subject Materials

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