Information and Communication Technology

Panel Head

  • Lee Pik Yuk

Subject Teachers

  • Wu Chi Ho

1. Modify the school-based juniori Information Technology Application and senior secondary Information and Communication Technolgy curriculum in order to take care the diversities of our students. Cultivate students’ self-learning attitudes and habits.
2. Strengthen pre-class preview in ITA and ICT lesson in order to promote self-regulated learning. Various field studies have been organised to provide  students the opportunity to nurture Wahshanians’ personality traits of respect.
3. Develop the advantages of ‘e-interactive learning’, let students learn actively and enhance the effectiveness of ‘cooperative learning’.

To launch enhancement programmes during summer holidays, long holidays or after school to improve the results of New Senior Secondary (NSS) students.

To arrange pre-exam “Course Revision” classes for students to revise the key learning points and to familiarise themselves with the examination format and the answering skills.

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