Panel Chair

  • Ngai Ching Man
  1. Establish Professional Learning Community, Strengthen Professional Development
  2. Progress from lesson preparation tasks to school-based lesson learning guide
  3. Continue to have students’ learning skills to further enhance lesson effectiveness
  1. Strengthen assessment literacy of teachers through professional development
  2. Make use of assessment tools to raise students’ learning effectiveness
  3. Enhance assessment system, Improve learning and teaching
  1. Continue to foster Washanian virtues in students
  2. Promote Aesthetic Education, Stimulate students’ multi-talents
  3. Nurture whole-person development
  1. Developing diversified learning and teaching in the music lessons. Caring of the diversification of the students. Strengthening the effectiveness of the learning.
  2. Developing the interactive learning of the harmonicas, angklungs, boys and girls’ solo singing through e-Learning.
  3. Encouraging the participations of the students to the intramural and extramural music performances and music competitions.