Visual Arts

Panel Head

  • Chan Ka Wa


  1. Echoing the major concerns of the school:
    • Catering for the diversity of students
    • Enhancing e-learning
    • Optimizing life and career planning
  2. Broadening students’ artistic vision and enhancing their visual arts literacy
  3. Raising up students’ interest in art and strengthening learning efficacy
  4. Encouraging students to join art competition
  1. Enhancement workshops after school or during the holidays.
  2. Extra resources are put on the TAS in order to enhance their quality to level 5 or above.
  3. Through exhibitions, workshops and reference resources, broaden students’ artistic vision and enhance their visual arts literacy.
  1. The themes of the TAS are assigned according to the students’ ability and interest.
  2. Enhancing painting skills in junior classes so as to strengthen the foundations.

Photo Gallery