Civic Education Committee

Teacher- in-charge

Au Ying Yiu (Committee Head)
Wong Sang Wah (Assistant Committee Head)


  • Law Ming Chi
  • Wong Oi Lok
  • Wu Ngan Suen
  • Li Mo Ling
  • Ho Kai Chi
  • Lam Yeung


  1. Increasing the courage and self-confidence of students so as to enhance the positive learning attitude and sense of responsibility
  2. Strengthening students’ recognition of national identity
  3. Cultivating the positive values and attitudes of students in order to magnify students’ sense of civic responsibility
  4. Amplifying the commitment of students to their families, schools and communities through caring for the development of students, nurturing their compassion and boosting the school’s pastoral culture
  5. To enhance life planning and construct their career development.

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