Dear all parents and friends of KWSC,


I am Mr. Cheng Lai Lam, the new principal of CCC Kwei Wah Shan College.

After a long summer holiday, our students are back to the campus and preparing for the learning in the coming school year.

Looking back at last year, we have had a lot of grace from God. Our students exceled in many competitions, including the 66th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and the ‘Speak Out – Act Up!’ Improvised Drama Competition. Two of our designated teachers also won awards from the 2015 Outstanding Teachers Election organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers. Please refer to “Student Achievement” for other awards and performance of our students.

In July, our students had the honor to learn and play basketball with Mr. Yao Ming, a famous basketball player, while he was visiting Hong Kong. Our basketball team seized this valuable opportunity to interact with Mr. Yao so that they could learn more from him. After these incredible learning experiences, I believe that our basketball team will strive for another height in the coming competitions of this school year.

After a fruitful year, the school has regained the momentum to plan for the coming year and has the following objectives:

Firstly, our school will continue to provide a Multi-cultural Environment for students to explore and learn other cultures and civilizations to widen their horizons. Building on the strength of our work on Non-Chinese Speaking students in the previous years, we will make every effort to cater for the diversity of students in the coming year. We will not only emphasize on a bi-literate and tri-lingual environment, but also nurture the positive values and attitudes of inclusion in all students so that people of different races, cultures and religions can stay together in the big family of KWSC.

Another focus of the coming year is on e-learning. Having joined the WiFi900 project, we have a whole school coverage of Wireless Network to enhance e-learning. Students are expected to learn with mobile devices in the light of promoting interactive and ubiquitous learning. Learning will no longer be limited by space, time or people. Our students are encouraged to learn at anytime and anywhere.

Finally, promoting career and life planning is the school’s long term and sustainable policy to prepare students for their future. This year, we will focus more on the attitudes and skills in the goal setting of students so that they are equipped with a “Sense of Future”, which is very important for their development of further study and career aspiration. We hope our students can discover their colours of life and have a bright future ahead.


Principal Mr. Felix Cheng