The Career and Life Planning Expo for the Non-Chinese Speaking students

“The Career and Life Planning Expo for the Non-Chinese Speaking students” was held on 7th November, 2015. Organizations including the Irish International Education Centre, the College of International Education of the Hong Kong Baptist University, and the Gemstone Project of the Hong Kong Police Force presented different useful information regarding career and life planning to our non-Chinese speaking students (NCS). It was a very meaningful event which gave the NCS students opportunities to discover and develop their aspirations through a variety of channels of including studies and career paths. It will definitely help them integrate into Hong Kong society.
Over 90 NCS students, parents and their families participated in the event. I would like to thank our NCS parents because your support to your children is very important in nurturing them to plan for their future. With your care and guidance, your children will surely have the courage and direction to face their future. Our school will continue to provide the best education and career planning for your children.


A New Milestone in Career and Life Planning

“The Career and Life Planning Expo for the Non-Chinese Speaking students” is another milestone of the Career and Life Planning development in our school. The kick-off of the NCS student career development program is to provide a best further study and career path planning for our NCS students. Details of the program and articulation path for NCS students will be shown in the Career and Life Planning webpage of our school.


Support for Learning Chinese Language

As we all know, Chinese Language is very important and crucial to NCS students’ development. In 2013, the school offered the Student Support Program (SSP) for the NCS students with the partnership of the University of Hong Kong in order to help them learn Chinese in the junior forms. It is the school policy to prepare NCS students to sit a more suitable Chinese Language examination such as GCE, GCSE, IGCSE or ApL Chinese in order to help them access universities for further study.


Career Exploration Program and Life Coach

We have also offered career exploration programs such as “Finding your colours of Life” and “Career Mapping” to let our students learn more about themselves. In addition, we have assigned our teachers as Life Coaches of students to guide them through the process of knowing themselves and planning for the future to better meet their needs.


Career and Life Planning Education Centre

In the 2013/14 school year, we have launched the “Career and Life Planning Education Centre” (Rm 307) which provided a variety of information on further studies and career paths. The centre will continue to serve as a platform to nurture the proactive and self-determined competence of students in finding what they want in their lives and, eventually, foster a “Sense of Future” to them.


Student Learning Portfolio

This year, we are planning to design an individualized portfolio for our graduates to collect their merits and awards gained during secondary school. Through selection and reflection on their past learning experiences, they will discover their strengths and potential, and learn to show the best of them to others. Each student will take away their personal portfolio after graduation and use it to present themselves to University Admission Officers or future employers. Details of the student learning portfolio will be shown in the Career and Life Planning webpage


School-based Career Development Plan

On the other hand, we have strategically developed a six-year school-based career development plan for all the students studying at CCC Kwei Wah Shan College. In this regard, we will continue to tailor-make experiential programs and activities such as company visits, job shadowing, placements and University tours for the NCS students. They will learn more about the criteria of admission for Universities and the requirements of the real world working environment. Through job embedded experiences, students will also become more mature and will be able to set goals and progressive steps by which they can achieve them. Every graduate of our school is expected to be equipped with the necessary skills and attitude to face the new challenges in the world of work.


We will see our first cohort of NCS graduates admitted to the tertiary education or career paths in a few years’ time. May God bless all of our students with a bright and prosperous future.


Principal Mr. Felix Cheng