Official Launch of Parents and Alumni Resources Centre

Our school’s 40th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service cum Ceremony was held on 13th January 2017. Apart from celebrations, it is also the kick-off ceremony of two new school facilities – ‘Parents and Alumni Resources Centre’ and ‘WahShan Treasure’.

The Parents and Alumni Resources Centre, located on the left side of the school entrance, is small but with necessary facilities. Despite its small size, the Centre is cozy and warm with sofa on two sides, three big bookshelves in the middle and a small desk by the side. It is a perfect place for parents to gather around.

The Parents and Alumni Resources Centre is a multi-purpose room, which is indeed resourceful with a wide range of reference books and resource packages for parents, including children education, parent-child relationship, parent education, emotion management, and career and life planning.

In addition, the Centre is a place for parents to chat and meet, to share parenting tips with the others, and to talk about how to maintain a good relationship with the children.

The school puts great emphasis on the work of the PTA. In the past, we might not have a place to drive parents to participate in school activities effectively. With the opening of the Parents and Alumni Resources Centre, PTA members can convene a meeting or exchange ideas in the Centre on the one hand, and can boost their sense of involvement and belonging on the other.

It is hoped that in the near future, the PTA will go on motivating parents to take part in the school activities, e.g. organising PTA picnic, joyful fruit day, family games day, and to let more parents be involved in their children’s school life.

Besides, the school needs to develop parent volunteers by giving a chance for parents to demonstrate their talents in teaching students in interest classes at school, such as DIY workshops, cooking class, and dancing class. Parents can unleash their potential, helping the school to cultivate multiple talents in students.

Last but not least, I hope every parent will make good use of the Centre by participating more in the school activities, infusing new energy into the school, and creating a better learning environment for your children.


Mr. Cheng Lai-lam Felix
Spring 2017