Special arrangement of school day (15-17 Nov)

Please note the following important announcement:

Special announcement by Education Bureau today (14 November) 11:35am:

In view of the current and anticipated traffic conditions as well as widely affected transport network, classes of all schools (including kindergartens, primary schools, secondary schools and special schools) will be suspended from tomorrow (November 15) to Sunday (November 17) for the sake of safety.

The School Campus will still be opened during school time for students to come back to do self-study if parents really see the need.

The EDB strongly urged all violent acts immediately to be stopped so that society can return to normal as soon as possible and students can go to school safely.The EDB called on students again to stay at home and not to wander in the streets. They should stay away from danger and must not participate in any unlawful activities.

The EDB will continue to monitor the latest developments and provide schools with timely advice and support.