Resumption of school day (20 Nov)

Since the road and traffic conditions have gradually become stable, classes of primary schools, secondary schools and some special schools will resume tomorrow (November 20).

As some roads and public transport services have not fully resumed or diversions are needed, the Education Bureau (EDB) reminded students and parents to plan their journey in advance and pay attention to traffic news and relevant announcements before leaving home tomorrow morning. Schools are advised to adopt contingency measures according to school-based mechanisms and exercise flexibility in handling individual students’ lateness or absence due to traffic problems.

If individual schools affected by recent incidents need more time to prepare for class resumption, they may work out school-based contingency measures and notify parents as soon as possible. If individual schools are under special situations, they may also take the initiative to contact the bureau and appropriate support will be provided as necessary.

The EDB reminded students again to return home as soon as possible and not to wander in the streets after school. They should stay away from danger and must not participate in unlawful activities.

The EDB will continue to monitor the latest development and provide schools with timely advice and support.