New arrangement of Secondary 1 Discretionary Places

In view of the development of the novel coronavirus epidemic, on 25th February the Education Bureau announced that all schools in Hong Kong would not resume classes before 20th April. Affected by the deferral of class resumption, we have decided to cancel the Secondary 1 Discretionary Places interview. The admission criteria and weightings have been amended as follows:

Original Weighting Amended Weighting
1. Interview performance     30%

2. Academic Achievement     30%

3. Extra-curricular Activities      20%

4. Conduct & Attitude      20%

1. Academic Achievement     50%

2. Extra-curricular Activities      25%

3. Conduct & Attitude      25%


The selection procedures adopted are based on the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness. Following the latest guidelines of Education Bureau, we will notify parents of successful applicants on 7th April (Tuesday) by mail and telephone.