Panel Head

  • Ms. Mok Ka Man
  • Ms. Chan Yuet Wah

Subject Teachers

  • Ms. Cheung Lai Ming
  • Ms. Tsang Ka Yan
  • Ms. Wong Ting Chi Donna
  • Mr. Ho Martin Geoffrey
  • Ms. Li Sze Hiu

*1. To foster self-regulated learning habits, progressively enhance students’ genereic skills

1.1 sustaining e-learning in formal and informal curriculum
1.2 broadening the scope of self-regulated learning to further motivate students in learning English

*2. To vigilantly prepare and be ready for learner diversity to boost students’ self-confidence
*3. To create an English-rich learning environment to provide students with opportunities for diverse development and foster Washanian virtues (Gratefulness) in students

*Addressing School’s Major Concerns

  1. S1-S5 Enhancement and Remedial Courses
  2. S6 Life Coach Programme
1. Debate team
2. Training English Ambassadors Team to be in charge of:
  • (i) Reading aloud programme (for local S1)
  • (ii) Self-access corner
  • (iii) Activities promotion
3. Internal activities:
  • English Ambassador Scheme,
  • Scramble competitions,
  • Drama club,
  • English booth,
  • Film Shows,
  • English Cafe, and
  • Festival related events.
4. External competitions:
  • Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival,
  • Speak Out Act Up,
  • VTC video making competitions,
  • Book report competitions and
  • ICAS examination.
5. External activity:
  • Cross curricular cultural overseas exchange tour.

Photo Gallery

Subject Materials

PDF file, 230 КB
PDF file, 180 КB

Suggested websites to facilitate effective students learning

  • University of Victoria English Language Centre – Study Zone
    This website offers learning notes and exercises on English grammar as well as reading comprehension practices from Beginner Level to Advanced Level.
  • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
    You may listen to both the British pronunciation and American pronunciation of the words you look up. Besides providing examples to show the words in context, some entries also include usage notes.
  • Storynory
    This is a great website if you are looking for stories (both short and long) to read or listen to. Every story is read by a narrator who does a wonderful job in turning the text into vivid pictures for the readers.
  • English Central
    You can enjoy learning English by watching the videos and working on the follow-up exercises on this website. There are many different types of videos, for example, short cartoon clips, situational English for everyday use, funny commercials and inspirational speeches, etc.
  • Squigly’s Brain Teasers
    Want a break and to have some fun? This is the right place for you.
    Try out the following :
    Q: If it takes six men one hour to dig six holes, how long does it take one man to dig half a hole?
    Ans: There is no such thing as half a hole. Visit this site to find out more!
  • The Standard
    The Standard is the only free English newspaper in Hong Kong. Compared to the South China Morning Post, The Standard makes news reading a much easier task for students.
  • First 1000 words : Student exercises
    You can access the 1st 1000 word list and test your vocabulary knowledge by doing the exercises. Answers are provided for you to check your progress.
  • Levels Tests Online
    You can do the online tests to check your vocabulary capacity ranging from 1000-word level to 10000-word level.
  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab
    You can practise your listening skills by watching the video clips and answering the questions afterwards.
  • Storybud stories for children to read and listen
    This website is suitable for the readers who are at the elementary level.