Information Technology

Panel Head

  • Wu Chi Ho Victor

Subject Teachers

  • Li Shing Kwan
  1. Continue to promote the implementation of Self-regulated Learning to enhance teaching effectiveness in the classroom.
  2. Enhance strategies to cater for Learner Diversity and establish a professional community for teachers.
  3. Facilitate students to have essential knowledge, concepts and applications of information, communication and computer systems. Facilitate self-regulated learning of students.
  4. Facilitate students to construct positive values and attitudes. Support their life-long learning and career planning.
  1. Utilize internet as an interactive learning platform, strength student’s self-regulated learning skills, facilitate student’s critical and logical processing skills and their understanding on different knowledge and concepts
  2. Provide tiptop students intensive trainings on public exam papers.  Promote better understanding of students on different question types. Facilitate students to tackle with difficult points.
  1. Utilize internet as an interactive learning platform, strength post-lesson preparation and after-lesson consolidation to facilitate sustainable learning of students.
  2. Provide practice and consolidation tutorial for students in order to allow them to be more familiar with different key concepts.  Focused trainings to strength student’s understanding on knowledge and skills required in the Exams.

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