Integrated Science (Junior Form)

Panel Head

  • Ms. Wong Sang Wah

Subject Teachers

  • Suen Wai Lun
  • Li Ka Ling
  • Law Ka Lam
School Major Concern
  1. Foster self-regulated learning habits, progressively enhance students’ generic skills.
  2. Promote positive education, boost students’ self-confidence.
Subject Major Concerns
  1. To train student’s question solving skills.
  2. Develop student’s diverse potentials.
  3. Arouse students’ curiosity about science and develop their interest in science
  4. Promote whole-person development and implement 4Cs Development for NCS students
  1. Teach moderate portion in extension courses/the latest scientific information
  2. Evaluate what students have learned in different ways(e.g.: recite dictation: science concepts)
  3. Invite high-achieving students to join extra science activities
  1. Provide fundamental science vocabularies and train students’ writing and organizational skills
  2. Provide fundamental science concept exercises
  3. Evaluate what students have learned in different ways (e.g.: recite dictation: science vocabularies)

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