Life and Society

Panel Head

  • Wu Ngan Suen

Subject Teachers

  • Ho Kai Chi (Vice-Panel)
  • Lin Tat Hei
  • Ho Yau Wan
  • Lee Leung Po
  1. Foster self-regulated learning habits, progressively enhance students’ generic skills.
  2. Promote positive education, boost students’ self-confidence.
  3. Adopt latest pedagogical skills in daily teaching, facilitate self-regulated learning of students.
  4. Promote better personal, social, national, global and environmental understanding and awareness of students. Facilitate students to construct positive values and attitudes.
  1. Teach extension courses/Encourage understanding of current issues
  2. Encourage students to complete advance-level and challenge questions.
  3. Invite high-achieving students to join subject-related competitions.
  1. Provide fundamental vocabulary to enrich their vocabulary bank.
  2. Assessment for learning.

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