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Kwei Wah Shan College was founded and run by the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China. Mr. Kwei Wah Shan, a successful entrepeneur, made a major contribution to the school by donating a sum of HK$400,000 for its construction. The foundation stone was laid by Rev. Wu Mau Sau, Pastor of the C.C.C. Hong Kong Man Nam Church, on 4th June, 1976. Classes started on 1st September, 1977 and the school was named ‘Church of Christ China Kwei Wah Shan College’. It was the twelfth secondary school directly supervised by our Council and was officially opened on 12th November, 1977 with Dr. Yung Chi Tung officiating at the opening ceremony.



School Life

2018-03 Drama Show - Master Q
2017-01-14 40周年校慶 - 校友籃球賽
2018-03 Caring gift from Mr. Kwei
2018-03-06 桂先生雪糕分享活動
2018-03 Opening ceremony of Sports Science Room
2018-03-03 運動科學室
2017-07-22 "Old Master Q" Exhibition
2017-07-22 老夫子珍藏展
2017-11 Career Exhibition for NCS
2017-05-23 Boat Adventure
2018-03-03 老夫子話劇匯演
Learning Chinese Idioms with Old Master Q
CCC KWS 40th Anniversary
"Know AIDS No AIDS" Creative School Project
[敬師周] 明愛暗戀補習社@桂華山
Career Expo for NCS

Career Expo for NCS

價值教育短片 - 你唔係唔信我呀?