Moments of the School’s 40th Anniversary

The school’s 40th anniversary celebrations come one after another. With the kick-off of Anniversary Fundraising Walkathon on Nov 18 and Watoto Evangelical Gathering (Music) on Dec 9, the Anniversary Worship cum Ceremony and the Anniversary Open Day just ended on a high note on Jan 13 and Jan 14 respectively. We are honoured to have a number of prominent guests coming to support us on these two days, including guests of honour Mr. Kevin Yeung Yun-hung JP, (Under Secretary for Education of EDB), Prof. Wong Sing-wing (Chairperson of the Executive Committee of HKCCCC) and Rev. Eric So Shing-yit (General Secretary of HKCCCC). Their esteemed presence and blessings graced the Worship and the Ceremony. In addition, I am deeply grateful to former school supervisors and principals as well as other school principals for their presence at the big day of CCC Kwei Wah Shan College, whose care and support have meant a great deal to the school.

Mr. Yeung spoke highly of the school achievements in sports and in building a caring school in his speech. In recent years, the school had been proactively expanding the scope of career and life-planning for students to develop their full potential. Moreover, Mr. Yeung appreciated our work on nurturing Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) students so that they can learn Chinese well and integrate into Hong Kong. He mentioned in particular the two Secondary 5 NCS students who have attained A*, the highest level, in their first attempt of the GCSE Chinese Examination. This again affirmed the effort of the school in this aspect. After the Worship, we are honoured to have Mr. Yeung and other honorary guests to officiate the ribbon-cutting ceremony for two new school facilities – ‘Parents and Alumni Resources Centre’ and ‘WahShan Treasure’. With the opening of these facilities, I sincerely hope that all stakeholders can be more involved in the school development to benefit our students most.

It must be mentioned that without the solid and continuous support from the Kwei’s family, the school would have never attained such achievements today. From the founding donation and the establishment of the school library to the recent establishment of ‘Mr. Kwei Wah-shan Six Virtues Scholarships’ and ‘Life-wide Learning Subsidy Fund’, Mr. Kwei and his descendants have long been concerned about the school development and supported the student needs. On the day of the Ceremony, we are greatly honoured to have Mr. Jason Kwei, the descendant of Mr. Kwei Wah-shan, to celebrate the school’s 40th anniversary with us.

The Open Day in the following day also had a series of splendid programmes and activities. We are honoured to have Mr. Chan Kwok-bong, Supervisor (Tsuen Wan & Kwai Chung) of The Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong, as the guest of honour to officiate at the Open Day Opening Ceremony. The Open Day was crowded with other guests, parents and primary school students. The Open Day opened up an opportunity for the public to know more about our school from different perspectives and for the school to show its achievement in different aspects, including student singing and dancing performances, cosplay fashion show as well as subject-based game booths. The stunning student performance was admired and praised. The multicultural campus is delicately presented to the guests through student performances from different nationalities, cultural game booths, henna workshop and international food carnival.

In the afternoon on the Open Day, we had the Alumni Basketball Game Performance and the 40th Anniversary Wah Shan Cup 3on3 Basketball Invitational Tournament. This year, there were 24 high quality primary school basketball teams taking part in the Tournament. Finally, Man Kiu Association Primary School and Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten won the Boys’ Team Championship and the Girls’ Team Championship respectively. All teams have strived together for the best in the competition. Not only have they enhanced their skills, but they have also developed friendships and improved teamwork. Our school basketball team members did a great job in refereeing at the Tournament. Looking back on the basketball development in our school, it has already been eleven years since Mr. Yung Kam-wah, the school basketball coach, first led the basketball team in 2006. Undergoing relentless struggles, hard work, and breakthroughs, the team has won the Championship in the Inter-School Basketball Competition (Boys A Grade) for nine consecutive years since 2008.

An array of celebration activities is yet to come – the 40th Anniversary Musical and the Grand Dinner are held on 4th March. We are honoured to have invited Prof. Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, Equal Opportunities Commission Chairperson, to officiate at the Anniversary Musical and to deliver a speech on racial harmony and equal opportunities. As for the Grand Dinner, thank the alumni in different eras for supporting the occasion, the tickets have been sold out. We expect that the Grand Dinner will conclude the 40th anniversary celebrations on a high note!

In conclusion, I could not be more grateful for the path guided by God in the past 40 years. Everything is God’s grace.

‘You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance!’ (Psalms 65:11)


Mr. Felix Cheng Lai-lam, Principal
1st February 2017