40th Anniversary Musical

‘Inclusive Drama’ is an annual highlight of the school. Marking the 40th Anniversary, the school has specially invited Professor Alfred Chan Cheung-ming, Chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, to kick off the show and deliver an insightful speech for us. The drama consists of elements such as singing and music, hoping that it can promote the vision of racial integrity.

Apart from a grand performance, the musical is also an integrated activity with profound meanings. Both local and non-Chinese speaking (NCS) students have rehearsed and performed together. Through communication and cooperation, they are given a better chance to understand and to get along with each other. As a result, students of different cultures, races and nationalities can learn from each other amicably.

NCS students have enhanced their Chinese reading, listening and speaking abilities through preparation and performance, fostering them to integrate into Hong Kong society. Meanwhile, local students have also improved their English abilities through collaborating with NCS students. All of them benefit from one another.

Following the school motto of ‘Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself’ over the years, the school extends an education vision of racial integrity and harmony, striving to build an international campus. It helps NCS students to ‘Learn Chinese well and Integrate into Hong Kong’ on the one hand, and let local students embrace different cultures and broaden their horizons on the other.

The Bible says, ‘From one man He made all the nations’ (Acts 17:26). We all originate from the same source; we should not single out anyone but to accept each other and live in God’s beautiful world together.

To conclude, I hope we can understand the embedded meanings of the musical. Let people of different races live in peace and without discrimination, and make Hong Kong a racially inclusive city.


Mr. Cheng Lai-lam
April 2017