Curriculum Committee

Teacher- in-charge

Vice-Principal (Academic Affairs): Ms. Lo Man Yee

Perfect of Studies: Mr. Yeung Wai Shun


Chinese Language Education:

  • **Mr. Au Ying Yiu, *Ms. Ho Po Yee, *Ms. Chan Hong Yee, Ms. Lam Yeung (Putonghua)

English Language Education:

  • **Ms. Mok Ka Man, *Ms. Chan Yuet Wah

Mathematics Education:

  • ** Mr. Chan Wai Kei, *Chu Kwok Yin

Liberal Studies / Life & Society:

  • **Ms. Wu Ngan Suen, *Mr. Ho Kai Chi

Science Education:

  • **Mr. Yeung Wai Shun (Chemistry), Ms. Li Ka Ling (Biology), Mr. Hui Pui Tak (Physics), Ms. Wong Sang Wah (Science)

Technology Education:

  • **Ms. Leung Mei Yin (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies), Mr. Wong Fat Mo (Design and Applied Technology), Mr. Lee Ping Kwan (Health Management and Social Care), Ms. Lee Pik Yuk (Information and Communication Technology), Ms. Wong Man Ching (Home Economics)

Personal, Social & Humanities Education:

  • ** Ms. Cheung Lai Ming (Ethics / Religious Studies), Ms. Chan Ka Yan (Chinese History), Mr. Chu Tak San (Economics), Ms. Wong Oi Lok (Geography)

Arts Education:

  • ** Mr. Chan Ka Wa (Visual Arts), Ngai Ching Man (Music)

Physical Education:

  • **Mr. Lee Ping Kwan

Other Learning Experience:

  • Lam Yui


**Panel Head of each Key Learning Area / *Assistant Panel Head


A. Strengthen Self-regulated Learning and develop effective teaching practice.

  1. Progress from pre-lesson tasks to school-based lesson learning guide
  2. Continue to develop students’ learning skills to further enhance lesson effectiveness


B. Enhance Assessment Literacy of teachers to elevate learning and teaching by means of statistical analysis.

  1. Strengthen assessment literacy of teachers through professional development
  2. Make use of assessment tools to raise students’ learning effectiveness
  3. Enhance examination system, Improve learning and teaching


C. Promote physical and aesthetic development in students to accomplish Students Development Plan.

  1. Continue to foster Washanian personality traits in students
  2. Promote Physical and Aesthetic Education, Stimulate students’ diversified talents
  3. Foster whole-person development