2nd Hong Kong Primary School Harmonica Competition 2019 – Announcement of participants

Date: 4th July, 2019 (Thursday) Time: 9:00 – 12:00 am Venue: Hall, CCC Kwei Wah Shan College Announcement of participants If you have any further enquiry, please feel free to contact Ms Lam Yui by calling 25711285.


選舉通知 謹通知本會會員,鄭金妹女士擔任中華基督教會桂華山中學(下稱“本校”)法團校董會(下稱“法團校董會”)的任期將於2019年8月31日結束。本會有需要填補自該日起校友校董的出缺。 根據本會會章(超鏈接:,本人現發出以下選舉通知 (1) 本會可提名的校友校董空缺數目:1名 (2) 參與校友校董選舉的提名期限:自本通知發出日至2019年8月12日 (3) 更改本會臨時會員名冊的期限:自本通知發出日至2019年8月12日 (4) 選舉主任的送達地址:香港北角雲景道62號中華基督教會桂華山中學(校友會收) (5) 投票日日期及時間:2019年8月28日上午10時至下午5時 (6) 投票地址:香港北角雲景道62號中華基督教會桂華山中學家長及校友資源中心   參與校友校董選舉的候選人必須(1)曾在本校就讀,及(2)不是本校的教員。任何擬參加校友校董選舉的人士必須填妥本會會章的“指明表格甲”(超鏈接:,並必須於上述指定提名期限前將填妥的“指明表格甲” 送達到上述的送達地址。 倘若合資格的候選人數目不多於校友校董的出缺數目,根據會章規定,該候選人將自動當選,不另舉行投票。 如果合資格的候選人超過校友校董的出缺數目,校友校董選舉將於上述投票日期、時間及地點舉行。只有載於本會正式會員名冊的人士才有權投票。為更新正式會員名冊,本人現指示刊登本會的臨時會員名冊(超鏈接:。任何人士如需增加、刪除及/或變更臨時會員名冊所載的内容,必須以書面方式提出申請及根據會章規定提交資料。有關的申請(及任何資料)必須於上述指定日期前送達到上述的送達地址。本人將於不少於上述投票日2個星期前公佈本會正式會員名冊。   陳贊臣 校友會會長暨選舉主任 2019年5月20日

[Basketball competition] 3 on 3 inter-school basketball competition completed!
“Dare to shoot” photography competition – application

The application period of “Dare to shot” photography competition have started already. Please submit your application though the link below: Application

[Campus TV] Awards – “Your Choice” Micro film competition 2018/19

The Campus TV team won the “Best movie award” and “Best screenplay award” in the  “Your Choice” Micro film competition 2018/19 organized by the Hong Kong Association of Youth Development. Members of Campus TV: Hui Wing Chung Lai Tik Kan Chan Hung Chi Jansley Cheng Kwok Yeung Lam Hiu Kit Chan Pui Lam Man Him

Speak Out – Act Up!’ Improvised Drama Competition 2018/19

Our school won the 1st Prize and Audience Prize. Individual prizes: 4K Jessie won Speak Out! Star Award (best use of English). 3K Aasish won Speak Out – Act Up! Superstar Performer (best overall).

Lin Yunshi, a graduate of our school, was awarded the President’s List Award 2017-18 of Hong Kong Shue Yan University

This award recognizes students who have achieved outstanding academic excellence. It is highly commendable that our alumni, Lin Yunshi, became one of the 17 awardees chosen from a batch of 662 students in the Department of Business Administration at Hong Kong Shue Yan University.

Sand Sculpture Competition 2018 Championship and the Best Presenter Award

Our students had joint the Sand Sculpture Competition at Repulse Bay Beach on 9th December 2018. The activity was held by Federation of PTA of HK East District. Students participated actively in the competition and they won first prize in the senior class and Leung Pui Wing won the best presenter award. Students’ name list: […]

2018-12-15 School Open Day
Champion – Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival

Congratulations to Manisha in 4K for winning the Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (English Speech)! She won first place in girls solo verse speaking. We are very proud of her achievement and dedication as she has shown that hard work really does pay off.