Extracurricular Activities Committee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Lam Yui

ECA Director

  • Yung Kam Wah


  • Hui Pui Tak
  • Lee Karen Pik Yuk
  • Lee Ping Kwan
  • Ngai Ching Man
  • Wong Kin Sang
  • Wong Man Ching
  • Wong Sang Wah


  1. Inspire and empower – grooming all-rounded talents
  2. Motivate and cultivate – building inner leadership

ECA Clubs

Student Authority Red House, Yellow House, Blue House, Green House, Prefect
Religious Student Fellowship
Society Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science
Discipline & Service Group Boys’ Brigade, Librarian, Junior Police Cadet, Community Youth Club and Volunteer Team
Sports Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Dancing, Badminton,Hockey, , Archery, Lion Dance, Cricket, Fitness Training
Interest Group Home Economics, Board Games, Visual Art, Photography & Campus TV, Music, Hiking, Make-up, Hiking, Drama, Harmonica

Photo Gallery


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