General Affairs Committee

Committee members:

LEUNG Mei-yin (Chairlady), AU Ying-yiu (Vice-chairman); WONG Fat-mo (Vice-chairman), CHAN Hong-yee, CHAN Wai-kee, CHAN Ka-wah, SEE Wai-wah (School Executive Officer), WONG Chi-ho and PAU Miu-hung

Objectives of the Year:

(A) Respond to the Schools Concerns:
“Enhance leadership training and nurture students’ spirit of perseverance.”

  • Assist each subject team in organizing different types of activities to cultivate students’ ‘perseverance’ character and create a campus culture of appreciation and encouragement.


(B) Respond to Committee Concerns:

  • Efficiently and comprehensively manage the school campus to support teaching and other school affairs.
    1. Assist in improving the effectiveness of learning and teaching: The Committee will be diligent in checking the facilities in the classrooms and other learning venues to ensure that they function properly for supporting learning and teaching.
    2. Supervise various maintenance and beautification projects of the campus, actively promote the completion of practical and aesthetic infrastructure projects to improve the campus facilities.
    3. Procure suitable equipment or services to support teaching and other school affairs.
    4. Strengthen campus security, monitor on-duty janitors and evaluate their work performance