General Affairs Committee

Objectives of the Year:

Leung Mei-yin (Chairlady), Au Ying-yiu (Vice-chairman); Wong Fat-mo, Chan Hong-yee, Wu Chi-ho, Lam Yeung and Chan Ka-wah (Members)

Committee members:

(A) Respond to the school concerns: Promote physical and aesthetic development for students to accomplish the goals in the Students Development Plan

  • Foster ‘Responsibility’ in the Washanian personality traits and the whole-person development


(B) Respond to Committee concerns:

  • Efficiently and comprehensively manage the school campus, support teaching and theoperation other school affairs.
  1. Help improve the effectiveness of learning and teaching: the committee will diligently inspect the facilities in the classrooms and other  learning venues to ensure a normal functioning of all facilities as well as  to support learning and teaching.
  2. Monitor the maintenance and the beautification of the campus, actively promote practical infrastructure projects to perfect the facilities of the campus.
  3. Purchase proper equipment or outsourcing services to support teaching and the operation of other school affairs.
  4. Strengthen campus security, monitor the duties of janitors and assess their  performances.