Counseling Committee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Ho Po Yee (Committee Head Head)
  • Chu Tak San (Assistant Committee Head)


  • Cheung Kam Ning
  • Ho Kai Chi
  • Hui Pui Tak
  • Li Ka Ling
  • Lin Tat Hei
  • Wong Oi Lok


  1. To promote students’ whole person development and develop the qualities of WahShanian through different trainings, activities, and services.
  2. To build up student development strategies and plans systematically, and provide students with developmental, preventive and remedial counselling, services with reference to an evaluation of student need and school-based circumstances
  3. To provide students with different experiences in self-understanding, interpersonal relationship and group life for their establishment in healthy self-image and positive value orientation
  4. To establish strategies for the career development of students with special educational needs.
  5. To build a caring campus through the loving care of each student and the integration of different cultures.

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