Counseling Committee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Ho Po Yee (Committee Head Head)
  • Cheung Kam Ning (Assistant Committee Head)
  • Hui Pui Tak (Assistant Committee Head)


  • Mr. Ho Kai Chi
  • Mr. Lin Tat Hei
  • Ms. Wong Oi Lok
  • Ms. Wong Ting Chi


  • Mr. Wilson Chow (Social worker)
  • Ms. Jessica So (Social worker)


In order to create opportunities for students’ diverse development and build positive attitudes towards future planning, the committee will arrange teacher trainings and class periods to promote positive education and nurture the Wahshanian personality trait of the year, “Honesty”.

The committee will train students in becoming the Counselling Ambassadors to build a harmonious and caring campus.

Through class management and strengthening the responsibility of class teachers, the committee aims at promoting positive thinking skills and enhancing self-reassurance in students. Thus, to relieve their negative emotions.

Self-exploration, interpersonal relationship and group life experiences will be provided to take care of every students. The committee will assist students in solving challenges faced during their growth to build a harmonious and caring campus.

The committee will foster the all-rounded development of the Non-Chinese Speaking students.

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