1. 1. Name

    Parent-Teacher Association of C.C.C. Kwei Wah Shan College (referred to as “the Association” in the following).


    2. Address


    The address of the Association shall be 62 Cloud View Road, North Point, Hong Kong.


    3. Missions


    3.1 To strengthen the link between parents and the school, to establish a platform of cooperation for joint effort by school education and family


    3.2 To discuss educational issues and to facilitate an exchange of educational experience.


    3.3 To promote student welfare, to foster students’ moral character and to enhance students’ sense of social responsibility.


    3.4 To facilitate implementation of school policies.


    4. Member


    4.1) Membership


    4.1.1) Honorary Members : Honorary Members include School Supervisor, School Managers, retired Principals, ex-PTA Chairmen and Executive Committee members. In addition, the Executive Committee can recommend someone who has made a special contribution to the Association to become honorary members.


    4.1.2) Teacher Members : the Principal and Teachers currently serving in the school shall automatically become Teacher Members.


    4.1.3) Parent Members : All parents or guardians of students currently studying in school shall automatically become Parent Members.


    4.2) Rights


    4.2.1) All members are entitled to participate in the activities organised by the Association.


    4.2.2) All members are eligible to receive the periodic newsletters of the Association.


    4.2.3) Honorary Members do not have voting and election rights, nor the right to be elected or to raise motions.


    4.2.4) Members other than Honorary Members have voting and election rights, plus the right to be elected or to raise motions.


    4.2.5) Each family is entitled to cast one vote irrespective of the number of children attending the school.


    4.3) Obligations


    4.3.1) Each member shall comply with all provisions of the Charter and the meeting resolutions.


    4.3.2) All Parent members have the obligation to pay membership fees.


    4.3.3) Honorary Members and Teacher members are not required to pay membership fees.



    4.4) Termination of Membership


    4.4.1) When all children of a Parent Member have left school or when a Teacher Member discontinues to teach in the School, their membership shall be terminated.


    4.4.2) If a member breaches the Charter or engages in irrelevant activities in the name of the Association without prior approval or engages in activities that causes damage to the Association, his membership shall be terminated by the Annual Members’ Meeting or the Special Members’ Meeting.


    5. Membership fee


    The annual membership fee is HK$ 50. Adjustment of the membership fee shall be decided by the Executive Committee and approved by the Members’ Meeting. Official receipts shall be issued by the Treasurer. The amount cannot be refunded upon withdrawal of membership.


    6. Organisation


    Organisation: Members’ meetings and Executive Committee are included in the organisation.


    6.1      Members’ meeting is the highest level of authority of the Association. The Members’ Meeting is composed of all members.  The scope of authority includes election, appointment, dismissal of personnel, plus review and approval of financial reports and the reports of the Chairman, etc. When the Members’ meeting is not convened, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the matters of the Association.


    6.2) The Executive Committee is comprised of members elected with respect to the Charter.


    6.2.1) Members: There are fifteen members altogether including the Assistant Principal as the compulsory member, other members include nine Parent Members and five Teacher Members.


    6.2.2) The members include::


    i) a Chairman (parent)


    ii) Two Vice-Chairman (one parent and the Assistant Principal)


    iii) Two Secretaries (one parent, one teacher)


    iv) one Treasurer/ one auditor (one parent / one teacher)


    v) Three persons in charge of Contact (two parents, one teacher)


    vi) Two persons in charge of Recreation (one parent, one teacher )


    vii) Three persons in charge of General Affairs (two parents, one teacher)


    6.2.3) Election Method: Except for the first time, Parent members are elected by parents before the Members Meeting. The members elected will be approved by the Members’ Meeting.  Teacher Members are nominated by the school and subsequently approved by the Members’ Meeting.  Only one representative per family can be nominated for election for the school year.


    6.2.4) Waitlisted Parent Member(s) shall substitute for the elected Parent Member(s) who are absent from the Committee Meeting. The appointment of such Waitlisted Parent Member(s) shall be decided with respect to the order on the list of votes starting from the highest.  The Waitlisted Parent Members have the right to attend the Committee Meetings but do not have the right to vote.


    6.2.5) Term of Service of Parent Member: the Parent Members serve terms for one year. The same person can be elected again in the subsequent year upon expiry of the term but the same position cannot be served for more than three consecutive years.


    6.2.6) The Responsibilities of the Committee : To organise and hold the Annual General Meeting and the election, the annual appointment of an auditor to audit all accounts of the Association.  The Executive Committee has the right to appoint a member to deal with special affairs plus the preparation of newsletters.


    6.2.7) Executive Committee works on a voluntary basis and all members serve without remuneration.


    6.3) With effect from 1st September 2007, one Parent Manager and one alternate Parent Manager have been included in the Parent Teacher Association.


    6.3.1) The Parent Manager represents all parents to be included in the Incorporated Management Committee. In case the Parent Manager cannot attend the meeting of the Incorporated Management Committee, the alternate Parent Manager shall substitute the Parent Manager and attend the meetings on his/her behalf.


    6.3.2) The Parent Manager shall be elected according to the Election Rules under “Chapter on Parent Manager Election for C.C.C. Kwei Wah Shan College Incorporated Management Committee”.
    7. Meeting


    7.1) Members’ meeting:


    7.1.1) At least one Members’ Meeting shall be held every year.


    7.1.2.) The secretary shall be responsible for notifying members of the agenda at least fourteen days before the meetings.


    7.1.3) The Members’ Meetings shall be chaired by the Chairman, in the case of the Chairman’s absence, the Vice Chairman (Parent) shall chair the meetings.


    7.1.4) In the Members’ Meetings, the Chairman and the Treasurer shall report respectively the affairs of the Association and the audited financial reports. The Chairman shall guide the election affairs of the upcoming Executive Committee of the subsequent year.


    7.1.5) The quorum for a Members’ Meeting is the presence of fifty people or 5% of the membership, whichever is less. In case a member cannot participate in the Members’ Meeting, he/she cannot authorise another person to cast a vote by means of signing a Power of Attorney. If the quorum is not constituted, the Chairman shall announce an adjournment and the meeting will be re-convened 7 days later.  No matter how many members are present at the re-convened meeting, the number of participating members on that day will constitute the quorum.


    7.1.6) To resolve issues, the motion agreed by the majority of participants rules. If the number of votes for and against the motion are the same, the chairman shall have a casting vote.


    7.1.7) All resolutions in the Members’ Meeting shall not contradict the objectives of the Association.


    7.2 Special Members’Meeting

    7.2.1) Upon joint request in writing to the Chairman by twenty or more members to organise a Special Members’ Meeting, the Secretary shall notify members and send out the agenda fourteen days before the Meeting.


    7.2.2) Special Members’ Meeting shall be chaired by the Chairman similar to section (7.1.3).


    7.2.3) The attendance of the meeting is the same as item (7.1.5) in this section.


    7.2.4) The resolved matters are the same as the items (7.1.6 and 7.1.7) in this section.


    7.3 The Executive Committee


    7.3.1) The Executive Committee meets at least four times per year.


    7.3.2) The quorum for the Executive Committee Meeting is eight persons.


    7.3.3) All confirmed minutes of the meeting shall be signed and filed by the Chairman.


    8. Finance


    8.1) Annual membership fees shall be paid before 1st November every year.


    8.2) All fees, subventions and funds, shall be deposited in the bank designated by the Executive Committee.


    8.3) Withdrawals by cheque shall be jointly signed by any two persons: the Treasurer, the Chairman or the two Vice-Chairman.


    8.4)The Executive Committee has the right to use the funds of the Association on activities that conform to the objectives of the Association.


    8.5) The Executive Committee has the right to use the funds of the Association to donate to school for the purpose of scholarships, prizes or other use.  The school shall be responsible for the necessary arrangement.


    8.6) All income and expenditure account documents will be properly taken care of by the Treasurer, and should be ready for audit purposes within thirty days after the end of the financial year.



    8.7) The financial year coincides with the school academic year, i.e. from 1st September to 31st August of the subsequent year (inclusive).


    8.8) All fundraising activities are subject to the agreement of the school and should comply to governmental rules.

    8.9) All expenditures must be approved by the Executive Committee. For requests of expenditure not exceeding one thousand Hong Kong dollars, they shall be approved by the Chairman (or Vice-Chairman). The actual payment shall be brought up by the Treasurer and ratified later by the Executive Committee.


    9. Debt

    9.1) Should there be debt incurred, the responsibility to repay shall be shouldered by all members of the Executive Committee from the time the debt was incurred.

    9.2) Upon liquidation of the Association, it shall be determined whether the surplus assets shall be donated to charity or to the school in the Members’ Meeting.


    10 Amendments to the Constitution

    Any amendments to the Charter are subject to agreement by at least two-thirds of members in a Special Members’ Meeting before they become effective.


    11 Dissolution of the Association

    Liquidation of the Association : If the Association shall be liquidated, it is subject to agreement by at least two-thirds of members in a Special Members’ Meeting.


    ─This Charter was amended and passed in the 5th October 2007 Annual Members’ Meeting─