Curriculum Committee

Teacher- in-charge

Vice-Principal (Academic Affairs):  Ms. Lo Man Yee

Perfect of Studies:  Mr. Yeung Wai Shun


Chinese Language Education:

  • **Mr. Au Ying Yiu, *Ms. Ho Po Yee, *Ms. Chan Hong Yee, Ms. Lam Yeung (Putonghua)

English Language Education:

  • **Ms. Mok Ka Man, *Ms. Chan Yuet Wah

Mathematics Education:

  • ** Mr. Chan Wai Kei, *Chan Wai San

Liberal Studies / Citizenship and Social Development:

  • **Mr. Lin Tat Hei

Science Education:

  • **Mr. Yeung Wai Shun (Chemistry), Ms. Li Ka Ling (Biology), Mr. Lau Hong Ngai (Physics), Ms. Wong Sang Wah (Science)

Technology Education:

  • **Ms. Leung Mei Yin (Business, Accounting and Financial Studies), Mr. Wong Fat Mo (Design and Applied Technology), Mr. Li Shing Kwan (Information and Communication Technology), Ms. Tong Kwai Fan (Home Economics)

Personal, Social & Humanities Education:

  • ** Ms. Cheung Lai Ming (Ethics / Religious Studies), Ms. Chan Ka Yan (Chinese History), Mr. Lee Leung Po (Economics), Ms. Wong Oi Lok (Geography), Mr. Lin Tat Hei and Mr. Ho Kai Chi (Life & Society)

Arts Education:

  • ** Mr. Chan Ka Wa (Visual Arts), Leung King Hang (Music)

Physical Education:

  • **Mr. Hui Pui Tak

Other Learning Experience:

  • Lam Yui



**Panel Head of each Key Learning Area / *Assistant Panel Head


A. Foster self-regulated learning habits, progressively enhance students’ generic skills.
B. To enhance leadership training and nurture students’ spirit of perseverance.

Academic Committee

Teacher- in-charge
Lo Man Yee (Committee Head)
Yeung Wai Shun (Assistant Committee Head)
Au Ying Yiu, Chan Wai San, Lee Leung Po, Leung Mei Yin, Mok Ka Man


Academic Administration Affairs Team
Member: Lo Man Yee (Consultant)

Members: Wong Fat Mo (Consultant), Ho Po Yee (Consultant), Chan Hong Yee Michelle (Head), Chan Yuet Wah, Lam Yeung, Suen Wai Lun, Wong Wing

Examination Affairs
Members: Yeung Wai Shun (Head), Suen Wai Lun, Yip Chung Lam

Members: Chan Wai Kee (Head), Chan Yung San, Li Shing Kwan

School-Based After-School Support
Member: Chan Yuet Wah (Head)

School Publication Promotion Team
Members: Lo Man Yee (Consultant), Mok Ka Man (Consultant), Au Ying Yiu, Ho Po Yee, Cheung Kam Ning, Cheung Man Ki, Ho Martin Geoffrey, Lin Tat Hei, Chan Ka Wa