Teacher- in-charge

  • Wu Ngan Suen (Committee Head)
  • Suen Wai Lun (Assistant Committee Head)


  • Cheung Lai Ming
  • Ho Yau Wan
  • Lin Tat Hei
  • Ngai Ching Man
  • Tsang Ka Yan
  • Wong Ting Chi


  1. • Facilitate students to understand themselves and different career fields: leading students to understand not only their self-interests, abilities, needs and aspirations, but also the requirements of tertiary/post-secondary education programmes and occupations. In order to allow students to make conscious decisions.
  2. • Improve students’ working and life skills: help students to master basic working and life skills, also cultivate students’ positive working attitudes.
  3. • Focus on life planning and career problem of students, provide face-to-face counselling and any necessary support to students for their further studies and job application.


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