Teacher Professional Development

Staff Professional Development and Appraisal Committee

Committee Chairlady/Vice-chairlady
  •  Chairlady:Leung Mei Yin
  • Vice-chairlady: Cheung Kam Ning
Committee members:
  • Chan Wai Kee
  • Lam Wan Fung
  • Mok Ka Man

(1) Respond to the school’s major concerns:

(i) Continue to promote the implementation of Self-regulated Learning to enhance teaching effectiveness in the classroom.

    • Through internal and external exchange, hone the skill of designing learning guides to enhance teaching effectiveness and develop shared resources.

(ii) Enhance strategies to cater for Learner Diversity and establish a professional community for teachers.

    • Establish a professional learning circle, enhance teaching effectiveness to cater for Learner Diversity and promote teacher’s communication with external parties and sharing of resources.

(iii) Create opportunities for students’ diverse development to build positive attitudes towards future planning.

    • Provide students with opportunities for diverse development through different activities.


(2) Respond to the team’s major concerns:

  • Help colleagues know more about the latest education policies and news for their professional growth
  • Enhance support among teachers, create an atmosphere of continuous professional development and cooperate with the future development of the school
  • Care for the physical and mental health of teachers
  • Assist teachers in implementing activities such as ‘Project Learning’,‘Learning from Reading’, ‘Moral Education and Civic Education’ etc.
  • Assist the school in promoting self-evaluation
B. Tentative activities for professional development training:

(1) 17th August, 2020: Training Purpose: Staff Professional Development and Appraisal Committee aims at providing new teachers with support, which not only helps them adapt to the workplace environment but also fosters professional development. Persons-In-Charge: Principal Wong, Ms. Lo (Learning & Teaching), Mr. Wong (Student’s Development) and Ms. Leung (Teacher’s Development).

(2) 18th August, 2020: (A) Topic: “Thinking Positively during the Pandemic” Speaker: Dr. Charles Yu

(3) Beginning of October, 2020: Invite Principal Ho Ming-sang to launch Cooperative Learning workshop for new teachers at the beginning of October.

(4) 13th November, 2020: Topic: “Advanced Study and Professional Exchange on Learning Guides” with teachers from partnered schools.

(5) 19th October to 18th December, 2020: Hold open classroom observations and professional exchange during the first academic term

(6) November, 2020 to December, 2020: 5 teachers will open their classrooms for the “Self-Regulated Learning Festival” organised by The Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools.

(7) November, 2020 to May, 2021: To strengthen our professional teaching skills and enhance the quality of learning & teaching, Principal Ho Ming-sang has been invited to continue with the Mentee-mentor-mutual-learning programme which was not completed in 2019.

(8) 8th February, 2021: Second Staff Development Day (Morning): Topic “Self-regulated Learning Network School” organized by The Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools.

(9) Arrangements on Subject-based Professional Development:

1. 1st Term Uniform Test: From 4th November (Wed) to 6th November (Fri), Afternoon

2. 2nd Term Uniform Test: From 24th November (Wed) to 26th November (Fri), Afternoon