Learning & Teaching Enhancement Commitee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Lin Tat Hei


(A) Aims

To accommodate the development of learning and teaching, CCCKWS has established the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Committee since the 2016/2017 school year. It aims to assist students to become self-regulated learners. We believe teaching and learning is complementary, therefore, it is essential to help students develop their approaches to learning. Students build up a positive learning attitude through students’ sharing, assembly and trial class. In addition, they will master notes-taking skills, have a good understanding of cooperative learning, achieve the learning outcomes and cultivate the habit of mutual learning.

(B) Annual Goals

I. Continue to promote the implementation of Self-regulated Learning to enhance students’ generic skills gradually.

  • With reference to the school-based development phases, the committee will actively improve students’ Self-regulated Learning habit and attitude.
  • Based upon the achieved learning habits of pre-lesson preparation, note-taking and organizing learning materials, the committee will consolidate students’ all-rounded Self-regulated Learning continuously and enhance their learning effectiveness.