Learning & Teaching Enhancement Commitee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Mok Ka Man (Committee Head)
  • Li Ka Ling (Assistant Committee Head)


(A) Aims

To accommodate the development of learning and teaching, CCCKWS established the Learning & Teaching Enhancement Committee this year. It aims to assist students to become self regulated learners. We believe teaching and learning is complementary, therefore, it is essential to help students develop their approaches to learning. Students build up a positive learning attitude through students’ sharing, assembly and trial class. In addition, they will master notes-taking skills, have a good understanding of cooperative learning, achieve the learning outcomes and cultivate the habit of mutual learning.

(B) Annual Goals

I. Continue to promote the implementation of Self-regulated Learning to enhance students’ generic skills gradually.

  1. With reference to the school-based development phases, the committee will continually nurture students’Self-regulated Learning habit and attitude.
  2. Based upon the achieved learning habits of pre-lesson preparation, note-taking and organising learning materials, the committee will further consolidate students’ all-rounded Self-regulated Learning and enhance their learning effectiveness.