Extracurricular Activities Committee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Lam Yui

ECA Director

  • Yung Kam Wah


  • Chan Wai San
  • Ho Yau Wan
  • Ngai Ching Man
  • Tsui Yen Hang
  • Wong Kin Sang


  1. Inspire and empower – grooming all-rounded talents
  2. Motivate and cultivate – building inner leadership
  3. Implement the 4Cs Plan

ECA Clubs

Student Authority Red House, Yellow House, Blue House, Green House, Prefect
Religious Student Fellowship
Society Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science
Discipline & Service Group Boys’ Brigade, Librarian, Junior Police Cadet, Community Youth Club and Volunteer Team
Sports Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Dancing, Badminton,Hockey, Archery, Cricket, Fitness Training
Interest Group Home Economics, Board Games, Visual Art, Photography & Campus TV, Music, Hiking, Make-up, Hiking, Drama, Harmonica

Photo Gallery


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