Information Technology Committee

Teacher- in-charge

  • Mr. Yeung Wai Shun (Consultant)
  • Mr. Chan Wai Kee (Committee Head)
  • Mr. Wu Chi Ho Victor (Assistant Committee Head)


  • Mr. Li Shing Kwan
  • Mr. Wong Chi Ho Keyson
  • Mr. Yeung Chi Wai Russell

Major Concerns

1. Develop digital learning to enhance interactive learning and teaching:

  • IT infrastructure and teachers’ professional development for effective deployment of e-Learning.
  • Enhancing interactive learning and teaching through IT and e-Learning applications.
  • e-Resources and technical support for teachers.


2. Enhancing school administration management, thereby unleashing teachers’ capacity:

  • eAttendance system not only reduces the time required for class teachers and school administration staff to take attendance and consolidate relevant information, but also facilitates the timely provision of attendance records for parents.
  • eNotice system can disseminate important messages to parents, such as alerting parents of the special activities of the school and arrangements under inclement weather conditions. The system can issue electronic notices and collect reply slips from parents. Then work out the statistics, thereby saving teachers ’ time in collecting late returns and counting the number of replies. Parents will also find it more convenient to handle school-related matters of their children through the system.
  • ePayment system can save the time for counting cash and making change by class teachers and school administration staff. Parents can check all payment records via school intranet or mobile phone app.
  • iPortfolio system can keep track of students’ academic performance and other learning experiences so that students can make reflections and learn to be life-long learners.
  • SDAS can trace students’ academic performance so that teachers can adjust their teaching strategies and thus enhance teaching effectiveness.