Integrated Education Commitee


Li Ka Ling
Lam Wan Fung


  • Au Ying Yiu
  • Chan Wai Kee
  • Ho Yau Wan
  • Mok Ka Man
  • Wong Ting Chi Donna
  • Wu Ngan Suen


  1. To align curriculum, pedagogy and assessment to cater for learner diversity.
  2. To promote all round development of students and create an inclusive campus.
  3. To establish an early identification mechanism in order to identify students with SEN at an earlier stage.
  4. To provide appropriate support for SEN students and to take care academic and whole person development of SEN students systematically
  5. To strengthen the support for SEN Non-Chinese Speaking Students
  6. To strengthen external collaboration with parents and professional among various sectors to establish cross-sectoral collaboration.