Integrated Education Commitee


  • Li Ka Ling (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)
  • Lee Leung Po (Special Educational Needs support teacher)


  • Wong Ting Chi
  • Chan Wai San
  • Wong Wing (Assistant Teacher)
  • Yip Chung Lam (Assistant Teacher)


Professional support personnel
  • Ms Yung Mie Shiu (Educational Psychologists)
  • Ms Chan Wing Tung (Speech Therapist)
  • Mr Nick Yip Chi Ho (Social Worker)
  • Ms Crystal Tsang Yu (Social Worker)
  • Ms Chloe Chan (Social Worker)


  1. In response to School’s Major Concern 3: Create opportunities for students’diverse development to build positive attitudes towards future planning.
  2. To establish an early identification mechanism in order to identify students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) at an earlier stage.
  3. To provide appropriate support for SEN students and to take care academic and whole person development of SEN students systematically.
  4. To strengthen the support for Non-Chinese Speaking SEN Students.
  5. To strengthen external collaboration with parents and professional among various sectors to establish cross-sectoral collaboration.
  6. To promote an inclusive campus. Providing opportunities for different stakeholders to learn to identify with, to respect and to accept different needs of many others.

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