Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS)

Panel Head

  • Leung Mei-yin

Subject Teacher

  • Leung Mei-yin

A. Respond to School Major Concern (3):

Promote positive education, enhance student self-confidence.

  • Continuously cultivate the character traits of Wahshanians: Subject teams organize different types of activities to cultivate students’ ‘grateful’ character and to create a campus culture of appreciation and encouragement.
  • Subject teams organize at least two different types of activities to cultivate students’ ‘grateful’ character.


B. Areas of Concerns of Subject Team:

Cultivate student diversified development, enhance curriculum and teaching methods, and enhance academic achievement.

  • Revise the curriculum and adopt appropriate teaching methods to promote learning effectiveness in accordance with student abilities for enhancing public exam results.
  • Adopt different assessment strategies to enhance learning and teaching and cater for learner diversity.
  • Include the national security education curriculum:
    1. According to the EDB’s ‘Curriculum Framework of National SecurityEducation in Hong Kong’, the subject team designs lesson plans related to national security education.
    2. The subject team organizes learning and teaching activities outside the classroom related to national security education.
  • Arrange learning activities outside the classroom [group participation + individual participation], provide diversified and life-wide learning activities and other learning experiences to cater for the different needs and nurture the diversified development of students.
  • Help students plan their future career paths.
  • Through reading to learn, cultivate and enhance student interest in learning.
  1. Continue to strengthen the practice of public examination questions (2012-2021), such as assigning more sub-topic questions from previous examination, hoping to consolidate student subject knowledge and allow students to familiarize themselves with the assessment model, thereby enhancing student confidence in dealing with public examinations.
  2. Students will be given extra tasks/tests to improve their test-taking ability.
  3. Homework will focus on public examination questions and arrange public mock examinations to strengthen practice.
  4. Invite undergraduate alumni and students with good grades to be tutors assisting in teaching or sharing experience to stimulate the fighting spirit of other students.
  5. Looking for outside help and if there is suitable external English tutoring, allowances will be offered.
  6. Special arrangements will be made for after-school/lunch make-up classes to provide additional guidance and assistance to enhance the effectiveness of the measures.
  1. Formulate pre-learning strategies to help students establish learning habits. For example, before the end of each class, the subject teacher will first give them some questions/practice to prepare or think at home, and ask them to preview the questions before class to improve their learning motivation.
  2. After completion of a topic, the subject teacher will give students an appropriate assessment tasks to evaluate their learning effectiveness. Special arrangements will be made for after-school/lunch make-up classes to provide additional guidance and assistance to cater for difference.
  3. The homework is mainly based on the public examination questions. The questions are divided into small parts for training to encourage morale and inspire fighting spirit.
  4. Arrange group study to let students cooperate and help each other. The more-able students can lead the less-able ones to study the assessment questions and enhance the learning motivation.
  5. Review the teaching progress and revise the teaching materials to suit the student levels and enhance student learning motivation.
  6. Looking for outside help: Invite students who have graduated and passed the undergraduate degree to be tutors assisting in teaching and stimulating the fighting spirit.

2021/2022 (Tentative Schedule)

  1. School Open Day: Arrange S6 students to set up a stall entitled ‘I LOVE賣SELL 2021’ [Date: 11 / 12 / 2021]
  1. Arrange more-able S6 students to enroll in the BAFS Mock Examination for HKDSE (2021 / 2022) jointly organised by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and Hong Kong Association for Business Education (HKABE) so that they can accumulate more public examination experience and be more ready for the New Senior Secondary Examination. [Date: 12 / 2021]
  2. Cooperate with the Economics Department and arrange S4 and S5 students to visit local or mainland factories. [Tentative date: 4 / 2022]
  1. Arrange BAFS students to attend MPFA Financial Planning cum MPF Workshop to raise their awareness of personal finance planning and future career and life planning. [Tentative date: 7 / 2022]
  1. Arrange more-able S5 students to enroll in the London Chamber of Commerce &Industry (LCCI) Examination to let them gain more public examination experience and increase their subject knowledge. [Tentative date: Summer 2021]

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