Panel Head

  • Ms. Wong Oi Lok

Subject Teachers

  • Ms. Cathy Ho
  1. Modify the school-based junior and senior secondary Geography curriculum in order to take care the diversities of our students. Cultivate students’ self-learning attitudes and habits.
  2. Strengthen pre-class preview in geography lessons in order to promote self-regulated learning. Progress from lesson preparation tasks to school-based lesson learning guide.
  3. Provide non-Chinese speaking students with opportunities for diverse development through different activities.
  1. To regularly amend teaching materials / worksheets and revise the teaching schedule or curriculum so as to take care of the learning diversity of students.
  2. To provide intensive classes for higher-ability students during public holidays.
  3. To strength the analytical skills of students for better preparation and performance in the public examination
  1. Tailor appropriate courses, focus on training and consolidating students’ answering abilities and geographic concepts to reach the basic requirement.
  2. Students must prepare notebooks when they are in class to record the key points. Provide appropriate extended courses for students of different levels.
  1. Various field trips or field studies have been organised to provide students the opportunity to apply geographical and generic skills for investigating, analysing and interpreting geographical issues.
  2. Organize and plan “School-based Life Planning” activities. For example, visiting the geography departments of various universities in Hong Kong

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