[Principal’s message] Let us celebrate Our School 45th Anniversary with Gratitude

Let’s start our new school year with gratitude. According to the instruction of the EDB, the school is currently conducting half-day face-to-face classes. The vaccination rate of our staff and students are nearly 100% and 70% or above respectively, the school will be able to resume whole-day face-to-face classes in October. Students can also conduct […]

Media report – 教育佳 – 開路靠前人 走路靠個人


[Principal’s message] A Challenging Year

Thank God, today all students have returned to the school to start a new school year! When you lose something, you will know how to cherish and know that things shall not be taken for granted. Whether it’s your parents’ love and care, health, learning in classrooms with your classmates, playing ball games, singing, or […]

Media report – “Reform in Mathematics way” (Chinese only)
[Principal’s message] Dream a new dream

It has been an atypical summer for us all. In spite of the difficulties we have faced, the Lord’s love for us remains steadfast and unchanging as James 1:17 tells us, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation […]