[Principal’s message] Let us celebrate Our School 45th Anniversary with Gratitude

Let’s start our new school year with gratitude.

According to the instruction of the EDB, the school is currently conducting half-day face-to-face classes. The vaccination rate of our staff and students are nearly 100% and 70% or above respectively, the school will be able to resume whole-day face-to-face classes in October. Students can also conduct normal and diversified activities. I hope that all students can continue to comply with the school’s regulations and take precautionary measures together.

Starting from this year, the school will have our new Five-year School Development Direction.
“Equip teachers with the tools for professional development, consolidate students’ skills in self-regulated learning, cultivate students to have correct values.”

Of course, promoting national security education is also a focus of all schools in Hong Kong.

Kwei Wah Shan College was founded in 1977, so this year we will organise a series of 45th school anniversary activities, including logo design competition, Sports climbing competition, walkathon, open day, Cooking competitions, basketball competitions, math competitions, thanksgiving service, school publications. Our teacher produced a video trailer for promoting the 45th anniversary of the school.

For the Wahshanian Personality Traits, this year we will focus on Gratefulness.

Dear students, I hope everyone can identify their own goals, consider what you would like to achieve, what person you would like to become in the future, and strive for the best you are capable of.

May the Lord keep you and guide you throughout the whole year.

Mr. WONG Chung-leung