[Principal’s message] A Challenging Year

Thank God, today all students have returned to the school to start a new school year!

When you lose something, you will know how to cherish and know that things shall not be taken for granted. Whether it’s your parents’ love and care, health, learning in classrooms with your classmates, playing ball games, singing, or even a breath of fresh air, they have all become very valuable in the past nine months.

If you have overcome the adversity for the past few months and faced them with a positive attitude, I am sure that you have learned and grown a lot from these challenging experiences.

Since face-to-face classes will be conducted on a half-day basis for a certain period of time, teachers will adjust the teaching progress appropriately, in order to give you sufficient time for learning. Although the arrangement of lessons has slightly changed, the school and teachers’ expectations for your learning and growth have not diminished. I hope that all students will continue to work hard and not give up.

I remind every student to maintain personal hygiene. You are required to wear surgical masks all the time. You should also maintain proper social distancing. Except from when you are eating, you should wear masks at all times, wash your hands frequently, and make good use of the disinfectant alcohol on each floor level. One person’s neglect can affect the operation of the entire school, so do not underestimate the importance of upholding such measures, for the wellbeing of yourself and the people around you.

There is a saying, “Today’s efforts determine tomorrow’s results; Today’s beliefs determine tomorrow’s outcome!”

Dear students, I hope everyone can identify their own goals, consider what you would like to achieve, what person you would like to become in the future, and strive for the best you are capable of.

May the Lord keep you and guide you throughout the whole year.

Mr. WONG Chung-leung