Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (BAFS)

Panel Head

  • Leung Mei-yin

Respond to school concerns:

Enhance assessment literacy of teachers to elevate learning and teaching by means of statistical analysis.

  • Strengthen assessment literacy of teachers through professional development
  • Make use of assessment tools to raise students’ learning effectiveness
  • Enhance examination system and improve learning and teaching

Promote student physical and aesthetic development to accomplish the goals in the students development plan.

  • Cultivate Washanian personality traits
  • Foster whole-person development


Respond to subject-based concerns:

Optimise the curriculum, the teaching methodology  and the assessment criteria for catering for learner diversity

  1. Regularly revise learning materials (e.g. worksheets) and tailor-make core curriculum for more-able students to achieve  the target of ‘enhancement’.
  2. Arrange after-school / holiday enhancement courses for more-able students.
  3. Strengthen the study and analysis of public examination questions, let students be familiarised with the examination format and enhance their abilities to deal with public examinations.
  1. Arrange after-school remedial courses for less-able students.
  2. To cater for learner diversity, regularly revise learning materials (e.g. worksheets) and tailor-make curriculum for less-able students.
  3. Arrange graduates with better results in BAFS to coach S4 to S6 students  concerning the ‘enhancement’ and ‘remedial’ measures.

2018/ 2019

  1. School Open Day: cooperate with the Economics Department and arrange S4 to S6 students to set up a stall entitled ‘I LOVESELL 2018’ [Date: 15 / 12 / 2018]
  2. Arrange more-able S6 students to enroll in the BAFS Mock Examination for HKDSE (2018/2019) jointly organised by Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and Hong Kong Association for Business Education (HKABE), students can accumulate more public examination experience and be more ready for the New Senior Secondary Examination. [Date: 28 / 12 / 2018]
  3. Cooperate with the Economics Department and arrange S4 and S5 students to visit local factories. [Tentative date: 12 / 2018]
  4. Arrange BAFS students to attend MPFA Financial Planning cum MPF Workshop to raise their awareness of personal finance and future career planning. [Tentative date: 7 / 2019]
  5. Arrange more-able S5 students to enroll in the London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) Examination for them to gain  more public examination experience and increase their subject knowledge. [Tentative date: Summer 2019]

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