Integrated Science

Panel Head

  • Ms. Wong Sang Wah

Subject Teachers

  • Suen Wai Lun
  • School Major Concern A:
  • Continue to have students’ learning skills to further enhance lesson effectiveness
  • School Major Concern B:
  1. Make use of assessment tools to raise students’ learning effectiveness
  2. Strengthen assessment literacy of teachers through professional development
  3. Enhance assessment system, Improve learning and teaching
  • School Major Concern C:
  1. Continue to foster Washanian virtues in students
  2. Nurture whole-person development
  • Team Major Concern
  1. Arouse students’ curiosity in science, cultivate their interest in scienc
  2. Consolidate knowledge learnt in lessons, ensure students master necessary scientific basic knowledge and skills
  3. Cultivate students’ personality trait: Responsibility

Extended programmes are provided for students with different learning abilities.

  • Foundation programmes are offered to cater for learner diversity.
  • Different experiential activities, e.g. experiment and project-learning, are arranged to arouse students’ interest.

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