Integrated Science

Panel Head

  • Ms. Wong Sang Wah

Subject Teachers

  • Suen Wai Lun

School Major Concern:

Promote self-regulated learning, let students be the masters of learning

  1. Consolidate students’ good learning habits
  2. Develop the advantages of ‘e-interactive learning’, let students learn actively and enhance the effectiveness of ‘cooperative learning’
  3. Deepen ‘cooperative learning’ strategies, promote interaction among students to cater for learner diversity
  4. Arouse students’ curiosity in science, cultivate their interest in science
  5. Consolidate knowledge learnt in lessons, ensure students master necessary scientific basic knowledge and skills
  6. Cultivate students’ personality trait: Respect
  1. Extended programs are provided for students with different learning abilities.
  1. Fundamental programmes are offered to cater for student diversity.
  2. Different experiential activities, e.g. experiments and project-learning, are arranged to arouse student interest.

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